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Mahamana Malaviya Centre for Holistic Development

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History is testimony to this that where individual has deviated from his social commitment and responsibility, there has been chaos in that civilisation due to which civilisation has come to an end. And again the civilisation came up, blossomed there and that was only due to one factor that the individual understood his responsibility and acted accordingly.  Education has always been considered as the vehicle of progress and prosperity for any civilisation. Education is essential for every society and individual. It is life itself but not a preparation for life. Man has various qualities. These qualities of an individual should be developed for the improvement of the country. So education plays a complementary role for overall individual, social and national development. But the irony is that education of present time is merely focussing on individual development and has made people so insensitive that individual has merely become a machine which is generating wealth for himself only. Not just this he has become so insensitive that he has started compromising it with the life of other individuals, community, society, culture and even nation.

Our inspiration is Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya. Whatever he did for the society, culture, language, education and eventually nation he did it voluntarily, nobody forced him, nobody was going to shoot him or hang him. He was one of the highest earning lawyers of his time; and if he would have continued his practice and he would have multiplied his wealth manifold. But he understood his responsibility and his commitment towards the society and worked for the emancipation of people of his country and help his country emerge out of the darkness spread by British. Consider the situation if he would not have realised his commitment and responsibility and had not established Banaras Hindu University, where would have the alumni of BHU been now? What would have been our condition now?

The society is never static. It is progressive and dynamic. The child lives in society. It is the social environment where the personality of the child can be developed. The old traditions, customs are preserved and transmitted with the situations, which are ever changing. However like the great poet Tagore once said ‘ We should not follow traditions blindly those that have lost their way in the dreary desert sand of dead habit’. Education helps to walk with the development of science and technology. Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya established Banaras Hindu University to bring dynamism in the static society of his time,  that is why he emphasised on the amalgamation of Western science and technology & Indian system, culture, values.

When the campus of BHU was preparing me for life I realised that the society has given me so much collectively and I should also reciprocate what the society has given to me, so that others may find this a better a place to live. There were few like minded classmates and seniors with me who took the pledge for the same. Our life in Banaras Hindu University has been full of ups and downs which intensified this feeling among us and it was decided by us to realise our dreams at some point of time. We all left the campus with those thoughts and pledge. Finally that moment came in year 2007 when we all decided to give shape to our vision and we got an NGO registered under the name of “Rural India Development Foundation”. The objective of the Foundation is emancipation of rural masses by means of agricultural, health, educational, skill development along with preservation of rural art and culture.

From year 2007 till now we have worked in that direction with our own efforts and help from other people. In these years we focussed on skill development where we trained girls & boys in the skill of tailoring and embroidery among which many of them have been successful in getting jobs in various industries of Delhi/NCR and many became self reliant by starting their own work. We also conducted government sponsored training programmes for farmers and organised Kisan Melas. We organised various health camps and awareness programmes at regular intervals. For last two years we are also running Ekal Vidyaylayas in many villages. The change may not be at a grand level but we hope to bring about a massive change one day through our efforts. We continued on with our works without any advertisement as we wanted to do something to prove our credibility to ourselves, but now the time has arrived that we seek more helping hands to expand ourselves in order to bring change at grand level. I appeal to the alumni of Banaras Hindu University and others also to contribute and join us in our endeavours. As an alumni of Banaras Hindu University and on the basis of values imbibed in us by it, my group and I would be happy and blessed, if we can bring about any change and happiness in the society to take the footsteps of Mahamana ahead. I pray and will be highly thankful to the God to provide me the courage and patience.

The best tribute which I can give to this son of humanity is that “Ideals are like stars. We never reach them but, like mariners on the sea, we chart our course by them”.

( See the attachment for detail programmes)

We request all those who can join us in our endeavours willingly.

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